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The Little Book of Goddess Myths

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Goddess Mandala Coloring Book


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The Little Book of Goddess Myths

 Art of the Divine Feminine

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 What people are saying about Love of the Goddess

 “A few days ago on Instagram, I discovered gorgeous Goddess mandala coloring pages by the lovely Tara Reynolds. Naturally, as a lover of the Goddess, I had to take a look! I quickly picked up her Samhain Goddess because, let’s face it, it’s my favorite time of year. As I was coloring in this lovely mandala, I thought about the Goddess. Because when you are connecting with your inner child this way, it is a form of meditation, and sometimes the thoughts will gently flow through your mind. It occurred to me, that this act of coloring the Goddess, was in and of itself an act of devotion.” – Review of the Goddess Mandala’s by Tamara Albanna 


“I’m never disappointed with Tara’s Fine Work’s of Art! Professionally delivered with Love and Good Vibes!” – Review of the Lilith & Santa Muerte prints in the Devotional Art Shop by Clarence Mohammed


“Absolutely gorgeous, stunning colouring book — the Goddesses are beautiful and it brings me much joy. Thank you so much! Blessings!” – Review of the Goddess Mandala Coloring Book by Heather K. Veitch