The Healing Waters of Yemaya Ritual


I decided to write an impromptu blog post in regards to everything that’s transpired over the past week.

Many people are very upset about the events of this week. And while we all have the right to feel our feelings, at some point it’s imperative to heal and move on. I’ve been seeing so much anger and hate on social media the past two days. And some of it has been extremely hateful, bordering on threatening. This is a very counterproductive reaction and it’s quite troubling to say the least.

Now is the time to come together and learn to love each other in spite of our differing beliefs and opinions.

We can’t make a difference if we are divided. Only united as one can we truly make a difference. Now is the time to heal and let go of that which we can’t control. Let’s spread love and kindness instead of anger and hate. To aid you in healing, I created a ritual called “The Healing Waters of Yemaya”.

Yemaya will wash away your sadness and teach you to go with the flow.

She helps us to understand that life is ever-changing and that nothing ever stays the same for long. The ritual involves taking a bath so you will need some supplies.


  • 1 cup epsom salts
  • Three white tea-light candles
  • Lavender essential oil or herbs (they also have lavender scented epsom salts)
  • Crystal quartz
  • Nice warm bath
  • Optional – Florida Water about 1 tbsp
  • Optional – glass of wine or favorite cup of tea


Fill up your tub with warm water, stir in your epsom salts and lavender.

If you’re using lavender essential oil, use about 10 drops. If you’re using lavender herb, crush up about 1 – 2 tsps and then stir it in. Add the Florida Water if you’re using it. Light your three candles and place your quartz crystal next to the candles. Now get in the tub and relax for a few minutes. Practice some deep breathing to center and ground yourself. Now you will call on Yemaya.


Yemaya, Mother of Oceans,

I cal upon your healing waters this day

Let your water wash away my sadness

Let it cleanse my soul

Cleanse me of any anger and hate in my heart

And let it be pure

Let me love the world and myself again

Great Mother, allow me to heal.

Now take some of your bath water and cup it in your hands.

Pour it over your head three times while reciting, “Yemaya, cleanse my soul”. Now you can just relax and soak in the tub for as long as you need. Drink your favorite beverage and relax. Once you get out of the tub, let your candles burn down completely, leave an offering of water, herbs, wine or flowers for Yemaya and thank her for her help.

I hope this ritual helps you to heal in some way.

Please feel free to share any healing rituals you like as well in the comments!

Let’s let love win!



~ Yemaya painting can be found in my etsy shop





Anat, Canaanite Warrior Goddess


Sculpture of Anat

Anat is a Canaanite Goddess associated with battle, fertility and the hunt.

She seems almost paradoxical in her nature as even though she is associated with fertility and sexuality, she was also referred to as “The Virgin”. Anat was also worshiped in Egypt around the end of the Middle Kingdom. Pharaoh Ramses II adopted her as his personal guardian in battle. He even named his daughter “Bint-Anat” (Daughter of Anat) after her.

Anat was known to be a ruthless Goddess who destroyed the enemies of her brother Ba’al in battle.

This story comes from the Ugartic text, The Epic of Ba’al where Ba’al battles with Mot, God of death. Anat was said to wade in a pool of blood while cutting off the heads of her enemies and tied them around her waist. She rejoices while wearing the severed heads of the enemies of Baal.

Although, Mot ends up killing Ba’al and sends him to The Underworld.

Anat then travels to The Underworld with the help of the Goddess Shapash and brings her brother back to life. She then takes revenge on Mot by killing him and cutting him up into tiny pieces. She sprinkles the pieces of his body onto the earth like grain to be reborn. In some tales Anat is the consort of Ba’al. In one such story the two copulate in the forms of a cow and bull and she gives birth to a calf on Mount Zephon. It is more likely that this Goddess who was a consort of Ba’al was the Goddess Ashtart who gets intermingled with Anat in ancient texts.

Anat was also associated with sexuality and lust and in this aspect she is much like the Celtic Goddess, The Morrigan.

Both are deeply associated with war and sexuality and both are also taken on as guardians of battle. Anat is the daughter of El and in Egypt she was seen as the daughter of Ra and wife of Set. She had shrines in Memphis, Palestine and Tanis. Certain aspects of this Warrior Goddess also remind me a little of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and the Hindu Goddess Kali.

Warrior Goddesses teach us to never stop fighting for what we believe in.

Anat teaches us that sometimes in life, sacrifices need to be made for the greater good. She helps us stay true to our beliefs and passions. Call on Anat when you need the fierce power of the Warrior Goddess in your life.





Popular Samhain Posts & Celebrations!


In honor of the witchy season and the upcoming Sabbat, Samhain, I decided to put together a list of the most popular posts on here about Samhain and Samhain related activities.

These posts will help you to prepare you Samhain festivities and get you in the holiday spirit! Click the title of each post below to read the full post. Samhain blessings!

Samhain, Celebrate the Goddess of Death – Samhain is a time to honor the dead, its the last of the three harvest festivals before Winter. It’s a time when the veil between worlds is thin, and communication with spirits and otherworldly beings is possible. It is also a time when we honor those who have gone before us like our ancestors, pets and friends. Samhain is a reminder that we are all connected with the cycles of life, that we too like the earth, will one day die….

Samhain Crafts & Magic – There are many different types of crafts you can do in preparation for Samhain. Since this is the last of the three harvest festivals, you can make fall related items, such as a fall wreath or pumpkin candles. You can use those very small pumpkins or maybe even a medium sized one. Cut off the top and clean out the inside as much as you can. Place a tea light in it, and viola! Pumpkin candles…

Samhain Magic, Dumb Supper – Many Samhain celebrations involve a Dumb Supper which is basically a meal honoring loved ones who have passed over. On Samhain the veil between worlds is thin and communication with the dead is possible. This is a great time to set up an ancestor shrine and speak with your loved ones once again. Many of us speak to them on a regular basis already but it is tradition to do so on Samhain. For the Dumb Supper you may choose to have people over for dinner or even have a quiet meal by yourself….

Samhain Tarot Spread – Since Samhain is the Celtic New Year, this tarot spread will give you insight into the coming year. The spread will require seven cards placed into the formation pictured above. Once you have shuffled your deck and spread out your cards you may begin your reading. You may even wish to invite your ancestors to aid you in this spread.

I hope you have fun making all of your Samhain preparations!

Did you decide to make any of these crafts?







When You Fall Out of Practice with Your Practice


My Hekate Altar

At certain points in our lives as priestesses, witches or practitioners of magic we may reach a point where we fall out of practice with our practice.

This can be for various reasons such as experiencing any type of loss, extreme life changes, depression or any other big life stressors. I’ve read many, many books, articles & blogs over the years about having and keeping up with a magical practice, and there seems to be a central theme to many of them. That basically you must always keep up with your practice or you may feel as though you are “not really a witch” or “not really a priestess” or various other things. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are still humans with feelings and emotions and sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

Falling out of practice with your magical or priestess practice after something life changing happens is a completely natural response.  We all experience different forms of grief after going through a loss and we all handle things differently. It really is ok if you don’t feel like honoring the moon phases one month. If you’re not feeling up to it, then it’s better if you don’t. You need to honor your heart and your soul. Besides that, if you’re not feeling the magic, then your magic might not actually work.

I’ve heard the quote “we are spiritual beings living a human existence” and while that’s true and sounds good, we are also human beings living in this world.

Be gentle with yourself and let your soul take the break it needs to heal. Forcing yourself to do anything when you’re not feeling it usually means that your heart isn’t in it, and it will show in your work. You’re still Pagan, you’re still a priestess and you’re still a witch. When your heart is ready to engage again, it will. Take a deep breath and do what warms your heart and soul at the moment.

I myself have fallen out of my practice at various times in my life and there was always this sense of underlying guilt for not honoring a moon phase or for not honoring my Goddess for a period of time.

Your Goddess and your practice will not abandon you. They will both be there when you’re ready to get back at it again. Honor yourself first and the rest will fall into place. If you have fallen out of your practice, and you do feel like you may be ready to start again, you might want to check out my free course Daily Priestess Practices. If not, then just keep on keeping on!

How about you?

Have you ever fallen out of practice with your practice? If so how did you feel about it? And what are your views about keeping up with your magical/priestess practice?

When You’re New to Goddess Spirituality

goddess connections course banner

Are you new to Goddess Spirituality?

Maybe you’ve been Pagan for a while, but now you’re noticing that you are being called to walk the Goddess path. You know that when you connect with Her energy you feel comforted and complete. Maybe you’ve been working with the energy of the Great Mother and you notice that it just feels right. You finally feel as though you are on the right spiritual path. A path that allows you to connect with a female deity and allows you to also connect with your inner Goddess. A spirituality that celebrates everything that makes you a woman.

You also notice that there are tons of Goddesses out there!

So many in fact that it may feel overwhelming trying to find one to work with that blends well with your personality. You see other women and fellow priestesses dedicating themselves to a particular Goddess, setting up altars for them and going to them in times of need. And you’d like to also dedicate yourself to your special Goddess too! But you’re not sure which Goddess calls to you.

Isis altar FINAL

Isis altar from course

I know when I first started out on the Goddess path, I felt all the same things.

I knew how much I loved connecting with the feminine energy of the ancient Mother. It felt like a homecoming! At first I just worked with the energy of the Great Mother and then I branched out and started working with individual Goddesses. But since there are so many to choose from, it felt overwhelming. So I decided to work with lots of Goddesses from all different backgrounds. Eventually I found a couple of Goddesses who I resonated most with and started focusing only on them.

When you finally find your special Goddess and you focus on working with her, you have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with her energy.

She can be seen as a really close friend or as your Mother! Working with one Goddess allows you to more better understand her energy. You’ll start to figure out what she likes and doesn’t like. You’ll know what kind of offerings she likes and how she likes her altar kept. When you finally forge this relationship with your Goddess, it’s a very fulfilling experience.

To help those who are new to the Goddess path and don’t have a Goddess to dedicate themselves to yet, I created the course Goddess Connections.


Hekate altar from course

This is nine week course with nine different Goddesses to explore and work with. You’ll learn about each Goddesses myths, sacred stories & attributes. You’ll also connect with each Goddess through guided meditations, rituals and artwork which is printable so that you can put it at your altar. There are all kinds of Goddesses in this course including light and dark Goddesses, Mother Goddesses, virgin Goddesses, love Goddesses & more.

You also might not know how to work with each individual Goddess since they are all different.

And some Goddesses, like dark Goddesses for example, can be a little intimidating at first. Especially if you’re not used to working with Goddess energy. It helps to learn from someone who has already walked the path and can lead the way for you. I’ve worked intimately with each Goddess in this course so I have first hand experience with all of them.

If you’d like to go ahead and sign up for the course you may do so here: Goddess Connections

You can also checkout my free course, Daily Priestess Practices.

Or you can also check out my book, Goddess Connections.


Banishing & the Dark Moon


Every so often it’s good to do a banishing ritual during the waning or dark moon.

Over time, especially if we do rituals & work with magic, we can pick up negative energies. These negative energies can come from people, magic that has not been done properly, deities or unknowingly inviting bad energy or deities/spirits into your realm. If you notice a series of bad events happening to you within a short period, it may be time to do a banishing or cleansing.

Now that’s not to say that bad things happen only because of any of those things I just mentioned.

Sometimes bad things happen regardless. But when you perform magic & ritual, it’s just good form to cleanse & banish every so often to clear up the energy and get rid of anything that could be lingering. Negative energy that lingers could even simply be from not properly banishing or not properly discarding the remnants of your banishing rituals.

It’s also good to clear away any energy that is no longer serving you on the dark moon to make room for new energy to enter your life on the new moon.

You may choose to work with a deity to perform your banishing ritual, but you don’t necessarily have to. Dark Goddesses such as Hekate, The Morrigan & Kali are great to work with during banishing rituals but if you’ve never worked with Dark Goddesses before, then I don’t recommend this be your first time!

A simple yet effective banishing ritual is to carve & dress a black chime candle on the night of the dark moon and say out-loud what it is you want to banish.

You will also write it on a small piece of paper to burn in the end. I will share my banishing ritual with you so you have something to follow.

Suggested Supplies:

Black chime candle
– Candle holder for your chime candle
– Knife or safety pin for carving
– Dressing oil (this can be plain olive oil or a special banishing blend)
– Small piece of paper
– Fireproof dish or cauldron
– Sage smudge stick (or palo santo or sweetgrass)
– Sea salt
– One banishing herb (mugwort, angelica, cinnamon, agrimony, juniper)
– Offering (if working with a deity)

First set up your altar and start burning the sage.

I like to do this right away as it helps to cleanse the area. Next take some sea salt and sprinkle some in a circle around you. Then write exactly what it is that you want to banish on your piece of paper. You could write “I wish to banish any negative energies from my life” or if you want something specific banished then write “I wish to banish _______________ from my life.” Now carve what you want to banish on your black candle either with a sharp knife or a safety pin. Be careful not to prick yourself!

Now dress your candle with the oil.

I usually put some on my fingers and then start in the middle of the candle and rub it counterclockwise up to the wick and then go back to the center and rub it down to the bottom of the candle. While you’re doing this, imagine what you want banished. Now place your candle in the candle holder. Place your piece of paper with what you want to banish written on it on your altar and place your candle over the top of it.

Take some of your banishing herb and sprinkle it in a circle around the candle and the piece of paper.

You could also roll the dressed candle in the herb if you like. Light your candle, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Visualize what you want to banish. Visualize it leaving your life. Now take your piece of paper out from under the candle and read what’s written on it out loud. Recite it a few times if you feel the need. Then burn the paper and throw it in the fireproof dish or cauldron. Watch it burn and imagine the smoke carrying away what you want to banish.

Now meditate for a few minutes.

Imagine your life now that this thing is banished. Imagine peaceful energies surrounding you. Really allow yourself to feel this. After you’re done, leave your offering and let the candle burn down completely. Once the candle is burned down, gather the remaining wax, the ashes from your paper and the herbs your sprinkled around the candle and take it somewhere to dispose of it. Take it somewhere far away from your home. After you dispose of it, walk away and do not look back.

You can choose to do this banishing ritual every dark moon or just every quarter.

Or whenever you feel like you need a good banishing.

Dark moon blessings!

Demeter, Greek Goddess of Agriculture & Grain


Today is the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.

Also known as Mabon, today marks the first day of Fall. From now until Spring the days will grow short while the nights grow long. In honor of the Autumn Equinox I decided to paint a picture of the Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter. This original painting can be found in my etsy shop.

Demeter was the Greek Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, grain and corn.

She was the daughter of the God Cronos and the Goddess Rhea and she was mother to the Goddess Persephone. Demeter was deeply tied to the earth. She held power over the changing of the seasons. Since she was associated with the harvest and with grain, people would offer her the first loaf of bread made in the Fall season.

The most well-known myth of Demeter involves her daughter Persephone and her abduction into the Underworld.

One day Persephone was walking along in a meadow picking flowers. All of a sudden the ground opened up beneath her and the God Hades came through and pulled her down into the Underworld. When Demeter found out what happened to her daughter she became angry and filled with grief. In her sadness, the earth around her started to die as she was intimately connected with the earth. When she grieved, the earth also grieved.

The God Zeus noticing what was happening to the earth tried to get Persephone back to her mother.

But because Persephone had eaten seeds of the pomegranate fruit, she could not leave the Underworld. They made an agreement with the God Hades that Persephone would spend half of the year in the Underworld and the other half of the year on the earth with her mother. Therefore during the fall and winter months the earth dies as Demeter grieves the loss of her daughter. And in the spring and summer months the earth blossoms with life as Demeter is joyous with the return of Persephone.

Demeter was also associated with the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Not much is known about these sacred rites as their participants were sworn to secrecy. It is thought that the main objective of the Eleusinian mysteries was to celebrate and honor the cycles of life and death as well as the afterlife. Mabon is a great time to honor both Demeter & Persephone. Both of these Goddesses are intimately associated with this time of year. On your altar, have colors of Fall such as warm yellows, reds and oranges, grain, a pomegranate, candles, a picture of Demeter and/or Persephone, Fall leaves and an offering of honey or wine.

Wishing you many Autumn blessings! How will you be celebrating?


~ Demeter painting can be found in my shop

Coloring Cerridwen, Connecting with the Energy of the Witch


This month I wanted to connect with the energy of the crone and the witch.

The energy of the ancient, feminine wisdom that comes with experience. The Goddess Cerridwen embodies the aspects of the Mother and the Crone. She is seen as a dark Goddess in Welsh folklore but she is also a Mother and life-giver. She stands for transformation and wisdom. Her most well-known symbol is the cauldron. She is also associated with pigs, crows and grain. To read more about Cerridwen & her myth click here.

To me Cerridwen also embodies the energy and symbolism of the witch figure.

The cauldron, where she makes her special trans-formative brew, is a symbol of the witch and a symbol of wisdom. And what a better time to connect with the energy of the witch then in Autumn! To connect with all of this energy I decided to color the Cerridwen mandala in the coloring book.


If you haven’t already, you can grab your copy of the Goddess Mandala Coloring Book here.

To get started, grab your coloring book, some colored pencils (or markers) and get in your favorite comfy spot. You can make this a sacred act of devotion by also lighting some sage, candles or incense. You can play some light, soothing music in the background and mediate before you get started to ground & center yourself. Add your favorite beverage and you’ve got all the tools for a relaxing & peaceful activity.

Cerridwen screamed purple to me.

Maybe because I connect purple with the energy of the witch. So I decided to use mostly purple to color this mandala. I also threw in some yellow to make the purple pop and some magenta and black. I start with the middle of the mandala first and then work my way out. It’s good to use dark colors behind light colors or vice versa. Using variations of dark and light shades will help each area stand out. Since these mandalas are very detailed you want to make sure that you use different combinations of light and dark to help those details pop.

After you’ve colored the mandala, check in with yourself to see how you feel.

Do you feel connected with the energy of that particular Goddess? Do you feel more in tune with your thoughts? Or do you simply feel more relaxed? You might want to take your mandala, once you’ve colored it, and place it on your altar. Put an offering for that particular Goddess next to it and light a candle. Give thanks to that Goddess for her energy & presence. Some basic offerings that usually work across the board are flowers, wine, water & herbs.

Have you colored the Cerridwen mandala yet? If so what colors did you use?

New Priestess & Goddess Courses at Love of the Goddess

7 days of priestess

I’m excited to announce that I just launched two new courses at Love of the Goddess!

These courses are designed to help you get in touch with your priestess self and to help you to form a stronger connection with your Goddess. Here’s a little info on both of them:

Daily Priestess Practices – Free Course!

This course will guide you through an easy 7 day daily practice for you to connect more with your priestess self. Each day you will get a prompt with a different exercise to try.  Some of the daily rituals included are a moon ritual, dream ritual, creative offering, a crystal grid and other practices. There will be photos, detailed explanations and suggested supply lists for each day. To get even more out of this course there is a private Facebook group available for you to join to get support and inspiration from fellow priestesses!

I’ve also created an Instagram challenge for this course so share your photos on Instagram with #7daysofpriestess. Also, as a bonus for people who are registered for Daily Priestess Practices, you will receive a 10% off coupon for my other course, Goddess Connections. This course is available at The Mystery School of the Goddess website. Click here to check it out >> Daily Priestess Practices


Goddess Connections, Goddess Rituals for the Modern Priestess –

Goddess Connections is a course which consists of Goddess myths and rituals for the modern priestess. This course contains nine Goddesses from around the world complete with illustrations, meditations and rituals for each one. Each week you will get a new Goddess to explore and connect with.The Goddesses within this course are Isis, Hathor, Aphrodite, Hekate, Artemis, Freyja, The Morrigan, Brigid and Yemaya. This course is for beginners on the Goddess path but anyone at any point on their path will also gain wisdom from this course.

My hope with this course is to help you discover and connect with different Goddess energies in order to find one that resonates with you. This course will help you to build a relationship with your Goddess which is a very fulfilling experience. This course is  currently $39.99 as an introductory price but after one month it will go up to $49.99. Also, if you signed up for the free course you’ll get a 10% off coupon which can be found on day one of the free course! Goddess Connections is available at The Mystery School of the Goddess website. Click here to check it out >> Goddess Connections

Have you signed up for either course yet?

If so, come on over to the Facebook group and share your experiences with us!

Sacred Scent in Ancient Ritual

scent in egypt

Egyptian women wearing perfume wax cones on their wigs

Scent was an integral part of sacred rituals and ceremonies in the ancient world.

The most well known culture for incorporating scent into their rituals was the Egyptians. Everything from perfume, incense and anointing oils were a part of Egyptian rituals. The sacred act of anointing took place for the priests and priestesses of the temples. This involved pouring oil over the devotees head.

This was done mostly for consecration and in honor of the priests dedication to the Gods.

Scent was so important to the Egyptians that they grew aromatic plants and flowers within the temple gardens. They even created the oils and incense within the temples. Anointing oils were used for all kinds of rites of passage and spiritual ceremonies to the Gods. Scent was thought to have been born from the Gods so interacting with scent for the Egyptians was like interacting directly with the divine.

Sacred oils were also used during funerary rites.

When the pharaoh Tutankhamun was buried it was said that scented oils were poured over his body. Surrounding his sarcophagus were perfume jars with 350 liters of perfume. Scent was also used for cosmetic purposes in the form of perfume and scented unguents (ointments). Women would wear scented wax cones of perfume on the top of their wigs and the oil would melt into the wig giving off an entrancing fragrance. Some of the most popular essential oils used were frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, rose, cypress, cedar wood and lotus.

Egypt production of perfume_1

Egyptian production of perfume

Within the temples of the ancient Egyptian scent was also used as a way to awaken the soul within the statue of the particular God of that temple.

The Egyptians believed that the spirit of their Gods inhabited the statues so they would clean and anoint the statues each day as a way to appease and honor the Gods. According to Plutarch it is said that the priests would start the day off burning myrrh resin to awaken the God within the statue. Then around midday they would burn it again. At sunset they would burn the sacred kyphi incense. These rites would also involve elaborate incantations and the anointing of the statue. Perfume, incense and oils were also given as offerings to the Gods.

You can also practice your own form of sacred anointing in your personal rituals.

Making perfume and incense is a fun and easy way to connect more with your Gods. To make your own anointing oil, start with a base oil such as almond oil and add essentials oils to it. The ratio for the recipe should be about 1 ounce of carrier oil to about 20-30 drops of essential oil. A recipe that I love is rose, sandalwood, cedar wood, frankincense and orange.

Sacred Anointing Oil:

6 drops frankincense
6 drops cedar wood
4 drops sandalwood
1 drop rose
5 drops orange
1 oz almond oil

You’ll need a one ounce amber glass bottle for the oil.

Mountain Rose Herbs has a large selection of glass bottles. First, put all the essential oil into the bottle. Then using a small funnel, pour the almond carrier oil in the bottle. Pour it in slowly so as to not overfill the bottle and have the essential oils pour out. Once the bottle is filled place on the cap, hold the bottle in your hand and shake it for one minute. Now your anointing oil is ready for use!

To use the oil take off the cap, place your finger over the opening and gently tip it over to get some oil on your finger.

Then anoint your statues. Good places to anoint are on the feet, head and heart but you can anoint anywhere that feels sacred to you. Then you can also anoint yourself on the pressure points of your body. Store your oil in a dark place close to your altar so you can anoint your statues whenever you do a ritual.

Scent really does help to transform a ritual.

It takes you to a different realm and can also help with inducing trance. Scent has always been a huge part of my personal rituals for that very reason!

How do you use scent in your rituals?