As women, we need a spirituality that makes us feel as though it’s ok to be feminine.

That it’s ok to be a woman. To appreciate our womanhood and celebrate our bodies. We need a spirituality that makes us feel alive and lets us know that it’s ok to be ourselves. We don’t want a spirituality that condemns us for being feminine.

As women we need a spirituality that helps us connect with other women. We deserve to know our history and the mythology of women or feminine divinities that make up our past. We deserve to have female role models that we can learn from and be inspired from.

We need a spirituality that celebrates the fact that we are emotional creatures. A spirituality that tells us that the fact that we are emotional is what helps us to have a stronger connection with the divine and gives us the ability to be incredibly intuitive.

We need a spirituality that celebrates everything that makes us women.

At Love of the Goddess we celebrate being feminine. We believe in honoring women and also honoring ourselves.

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If you’re looking for:

  • Creative ways to celebrate your femininity
  • Stories and myths of inspiring women and Goddesses
  • A place to connect with other women through your spirituality
  • A place where you can learn to walk the path of the priestess with grace & dignity
  • Art and rituals pertaining to the Divine Feminine

Then you’re in the right place!

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Hey fellow priestess! I’m Tara and I’m an artist, writer and a priestess with a love for the Goddess. I’m here to help you connect with the Goddess and with other women through the use of creativity, art, rituals and myth. My goal is to also help you to honor the Divine Feminine within yourself.

I found the Goddess many years ago after being disappointed by other more “male-centered” spiritualities. I knew that I needed something more feminine. Something that would enable me to connect with what it meant to be a woman.

Finding the Goddess felt like a home-coming to me. And I want the same for you!

At Love of the Goddess, I will give you the tools to learn about Goddess history and spirituality. And tools that will help you to express yourself creatively while connecting with the Sacred Feminine energy.

If  you’d like to start reading some of the many Goddess myths available here, head on over to the Goddess Myths page here. Also be sure to check out the blog for info on priestess practices, rituals, info on ancient powerful women, product info and more Goddess mythology.

If you feel that Love of the Goddess will be a good fit for you, then I invite you to explore some of the services and products that are offered here:


Books about Goddess mythology and rituals


Devotional Art of the Sacred Feminine

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Goddess coloring pages for your creative self-expression

Thank you for being a part of this community! Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I would love to hear from you!